About Us

Event Medical Staffing started in 2018 with supporting a few local companies with staffing requirements. Back then we had 2 staff who travelled around the UK offering support where needed.

Over the last few years we have seen steady growth, including taking on some of our own work. This work ranges from film and TV to American football, local annual shows and even motocross events.

Our team remains smaller than many other companies. This is because we hand pick our staff who share the same ethos as we do. Our ethos always has been to be our best and continue to improve ourselves in order to ensure that patients receive the best care we are able to provide. We strive to be compassionate, respectful, understanding and ensure we are accountable in all areas of our job.

We have a minimum requirement of our staff to be trained to FREC 3 or equivalent. This follows guidance released in the Manchester enquiry to ensure event medicine meets the basic needs of all events. We have staff on our books who are trained in FREC 3, FREC 4, Qualified Nurses* and Paramedics* available too.

We are a Disability Confident Committed employer. We are proud of the staff we have and know that they are fantastic, amazing clinicians. Some of our team have conditions or ailments that we ensure to show them the support required to enable them to undertake the role they have properly. Be it physical, such as arthritis or neurological, such as Tourette’s. We have taken steps to ensure we understand our staff and how we can support them appropriately, working with them to develop the right processes and undertake courses and training to better understand the difficulties they may face. We will do all we can to support our staff, which in turn allows us to provide better care to patients as we develop our skills.

* Like all our staff, our Nurses and Paramedics are freelance staff and availability can vary. Other FREC staff are more widely available, however, if your event requires a skillset we are unable to match, we would not offer you less cover. We will NEVER put any event or person at unnecessary risk.

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